Mappins are the premier Brisbane retailer for aquatic plants and pond fish. Tap into our decades of water garden experience as we help you to design, build and maintain your water feature or pond.  Our range includes: Pumps Sand/gravel substrates Sub-aquatic grasses (oxygenators) Water Lilies & Lotus Fringe Lilies Floating Nardoo Papyrus Echinorodus Colocasia Baumea Lepironia Goldfish Rainbows Blue Eyes White Clouds Continue reading

Aquarium Supplies

Mappins Nursery + Aquarium have all of the elements you require to design and equip and maintain your aquarium from fish bowls to filters.  Whether you’re looking for a stunning piece of driftwood to create a 'wow factor' or a new heater, we can certainly help. Our range includes: A huge range of glassware Hardscaping materials including gravel, rock and driftwood A eclectic range of large and small, unique driftwood pieces Equipment including heaters, filters and air pumps Many species… Continue reading


Mappins is Brisbane's inner-city local fish shop. We stock a range of affordable freshwater fish for ponds and aquariums. Siamese Fighting Fish Goldfish for ponds and aquariums An extensive collection of Rainbow fish Frog-friendly pond fish Snails and bottom feeders Fish bowls Pumps, filters and cleaning equipment Fish food and feeding blocks Water Treatments Durable sub-aquatic plants Continue reading
Red Water Lilies

Aquatic Plants

We stock Brisbane’s best range of aquatic and semi-aquatic plants to complete your pond or water garden. Add colour and beauty to any water feature with our flowering lilies, irises and semi-aquatic native orchids. Choose from our range or aquatic grasses, colocasias (elephant ears) and other plants will provide a wildlife-friendly environment for frogs and fish. Continue reading