Queensland Homes

The indoor garden created by Darryl Mappin in a converted South Brisbane warehouse features in the Winter 2015 edition of Queensland Homes. Darryl helped the owners create a garden inspired by the works of Kandinsky and Andy Goldsworth, delivering a garden to come home to that is inward looking, reflective and dynamic. Read more in the Winter 2015 edition of Queensland Homes Magazine.   Continue reading

The West End Magazine

See how the team from Mappins helped convert a South Brisbane warehouse into a beautiful garden space for urban living. Read more in The West End Magazine.

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4ZZZ Members

Mappins is a supporter of 4ZZZ, Brisbane’s local community FM station.  We offer a 10% discount to 4ZZZ members. Read more about 4ZZZ member benefits on the 4ZZZ Web Site.

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Workshops Calendar

     GIFT VOUCHERS for workshops are only available through Melissa at MJC Botanical or Mikiko at Kent Florist. *For prices and workshop details, please click on links below   June 2024 🔗Sunday 16 June – 10.15 – 12.15 Large Terrarium Workshop with Mikiko 🔗Sunday 16 June – 1.30 – 3.30 pm – Habitat Workshop with Melissa 🔗Sunday 23 June – 10.15 – 12.15 Miniature Japanese Garden Workshop with Mikiko 🔗Saturday 29 June – 2.00…

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Airplants display


Tillandsia (a type of bromeliad often known as 'air plants') make a great statement piece in glass, for terrariums or on driftwood. Their small, architectural forms make beautiful living sculpture. Well-suited to the indoor environment, Tillandsias require only ambient light and water. They prefer not to be planted in soil and are found growing on trees or rocks in their natural habitat. They can be placed on many surfaces with the help of horticultural glue… Continue reading
Mappins Shade House Wide

Indoor Plants

Bring your indoor spaces alive with our range of durable, low-light plants. Mappins offers Brisbane's best range of reliable, high-quality indoor plants. From elegant fiddle leaf figs to delicate ferns and beautiful orchids. Selecting the right indoor plant for your home can be difficult. Our experienced staff can match your requirements to the perfect plant selection from our shade house. Continue reading


Macrame plant hangers enable you to make a beautiful, vertical feature of your indoor plants. Mappins stocks a range of macrame hangers from simple, yet classic designs through to rustic features in a variety of colours and sizes. The versatile, stylish and classic design of macrame hangers complements both plants and pots, creating a decorative living feature. Our experienced staff can help in matching plants, pots and hangers to create a perfect, unique and striking… Continue reading
Pallet Herb Garden

Herb Gardens

Bring your meals and your outdoor spaces alive with a herb garden. Herb gardens are perfect for that sunny spot in your balcony or courtyard. At Mappins you'll find everything you need to get started including pots, soils and plants including herbs, leafy greens and small fruits like chilli or tomatoes. Our helpful staff can advise as to what are the best plant matches for your culinary endeavours and outdoor spaces. Continue reading

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can create an instant vertical feature in any space. We stock a variety of hanging basket options from simple coir baskets through to colourful macrame with glazed pots. Match your hanging basket selection with Brisbane best range of beautiful draping plants including hardy succulents like stunning, flowing zygocactus and the aptly named string of pearls or create a lush shaded look with pothos or a rare, delicate tassel fern that will last a… Continue reading

Vertical Gardens

Make the most of even the smallest balcony or courtyard with a vertical gardening systems. Take a walk through plant covered walls of our West End nursery to see how you can transform your space into a calming green oasis. Our expert staff can assist with choosing the perfect plants and planting supplies to create your urban jungle.

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