What’s more unique than a nursery and aquarium in one? Mappins Nursery and Aquarium has everything a plant parent needs. Shop for new hanging plants for an indoor vertical garden. Get into the terrarium scene with ready-made miniature gardens in multiple sizes. Or start a water garden with their selection of aquatic plants, and the fish to accompany them! Continue Reading >

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Siamese Fighter Fish

Siamese Fighting Fish Care So, you have just bought yourself a Siamese fighter fish (Congratulations!) Here is a step by step process to help your Siamese fighter settle in and get comfortable in his new home. Note: your fighter purchased from Mappins is a male fish. Firstly ensure your tank at home has been set up i.e. wash gravel thoroughly in a colander/ sieve and rinse bowl. Fill slowly with water so as not to…

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Hoya Kokedama


The simple yet striking Japanese art form of Kokedama is beautiful, raw and organic. At Mappins we stock Brisbane's best and most unique range of these living artworks. From simple beginnings of plants, soil, moss and twine a striking and unique piece is created. Kokedamas can be hung individually or as a collection to create a vertical feature. Alternatively place a kokedama on any surface to make a great statement piece. If you're feeling inspired… Continue reading