Pallet Herb Garden

Herb Gardens

Bring your meals and your outdoor spaces alive with a herb garden. Herb gardens are perfect for that sunny spot in your balcony or courtyard. At Mappins you'll find everything you need to get started including pots, soils and plants including herbs, leafy greens and small fruits like chilli or tomatoes. Our helpful staff can advise as to what are the best plant matches for your culinary endeavours and outdoor spaces. Continue reading

Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can create an instant vertical feature in any space. We stock a variety of hanging basket options from simple coir baskets through to colourful macrame with glazed pots. Match your hanging basket selection with Brisbane best range of beautiful draping plants including hardy succulents like stunning, flowing zygocactus and the aptly named string of pearls or create a lush shaded look with pothos or a rare, delicate tassel fern that will last a… Continue reading

Vertical Gardens

Make the most of even the smallest balcony or courtyard with a vertical gardening systems. Take a walk through plant covered walls of our West End nursery to see how you can transform your space into a calming green oasis. Our expert staff can assist with choosing the perfect plants and planting supplies to create your urban jungle.

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Miniature Plants

At Mappins we stock Brisbane's biggest range of small and miniature plants specifically for creating terrariums.  Whether you're designing with slow growing cactus and succulents, or creating a verdant rain forest - we have the miniature plants you need.  We also have an extensive range of air plants (tillandsias). Our range includes: A huge number of small cacti and succulents Tiny parlour palms Small leafed ground covers Moss Air plants (tillandsias) Miniature climbers Continue reading

Terrarium Features+Supplies

Mappins stocks Brisbane's best range of terrarium supplies, with everything you need to create and sustain your living artwork. When designing a terrarium you're creating a complete ecosystem in miniature, encased in glass. Whether you're recreating a rain forest, desert or developing a unique piece of living art we can supply the plants, soils, gravels and unique feature pieces you need to achieve your vision. If you're creating your first terrarium or just need advice,… Continue reading

Terrarium Glassware

Mappins has Brisbane’s biggest range of terrarium glassware – from small glass orbs to large glass jars and cylinders. At Mappins you’ll find the perfect glassware to start your terrarium, including pieces you’ll not find anywhere else. Once you’ve selected the shape of your terrarium browse our full range of terrarium supplies, including stunning and unique decorative pieces including driftwood and polished fossils to perfectly complement the size and shape of your new terrarium.

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Take your terrarium to the next level and create a vivarium. Vivariums seek to more completely replicate an ecosystem – both plants and animals.  We have everything you need here at Mappins. Mappins currently stocks a range of  shrimp and fish suitable for vivariums. Our team can provide advice on how to create an environment suitable for animals as well as providing a stunning piece of living art. Please note: Keeping native reptiles in Queensland…

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At Mappins we grow and supply our own moss specifically for the creation of terrariums and kokedamas at our West End nursery. Moss offers a simple and versatile way to bring your miniature landscape to life. In terrariums mosses can be used to create everything from a lush grassy look through to capturing the essence of a rain forest in miniature. Come in and talk with our expert staff about the needs for your latest… Continue reading

Ready Made Terrariums

Our ready made terrariums are complete gardens made miniature.  Created by the experienced Mappins design staff they make a stunning feature piece and a beautiful, unique gifts.  We have a range of terrariums in a selection of sizes to suit your space, style and budget. Need something extra unique and special?  Talk to our experienced staff about what we can design to your needs.  Alternatively, explore Brisbane's biggest and best range or terrarium supplies and… Continue reading

Planting Supplies

There's no need to travel out to the suburbs to get your planting supplies. Mappins stocks a wide range of potting mixes, fertilizers, gravels at our West End nursery right in the heart of Brisbane! Whatever your planting project we have everything you need. Make sure you talk to our experienced, expert staff and they can assist in selecting the best supplies from your project or to ensure the ongoing health of your treasured plants. Continue reading